Take Advantage of Cyber Monday to Be Prepared

cyber monday Are you snapping up the Cyber Monday deals and all of the other Christmas sale savings? Cyber Monday can be a great way to get your holiday shopping done and over without while saving money. But Cyber Monday sales and other Christmas bargains can also serve another purpose: getting items that will be useful to you and your family in an emergency.

Here are some items that you should look for while you are shopping for deals. I’ve found some great Cyber Monday sales as well as coupon codes that can be applied to these items.

Frozen and Can Foods

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and canned vegetables and soups are at rock bottom prices now that it is after Thanksgiving. Use these items to stock your pantry and freezer to protect against high food prices, food shortages or inclement weather that makes it difficult to get to do your grocery shopping.

Camping Gear

No one is really thinking about camping at this time of year, yet there have been some bargains out there on sleeping bags (which can be useful if you lose heat and power or have to evacuate, camping lanterns and camping stoves.


Small and large electronics are featured in some great Cyber Monday deals. Forget the large screen TVs. Instead, to be prepared, invest in crank radios, GPS systems for the car, extra batteries for cell phones, etc.

Solar Power

Solar lighting can be brought indoors and used in a pinch if your power goes out, since it is a renewable source. You can also take a look at solar powered charging stations, which are very popular and on sale this holiday season. They can keep small devices, such as cell phones, fully charged even without standard electricity.

So, while you are shopping the Cyber Monday deals, consider adding a couple of extra items to your cart to bring your household one step closer to being prepared for an emergency.

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