Take the Train to DisneyLand!

You can now take the Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) train every hour from the Anaheim Amtrak station to Disneyland and other area hotels.

Now, people from all over California can take the train (Amtrak) from places like Santa Barbara, Los Angeles or San Diego, then catch the 15-25 minute ART to DisneyLand for only $3 per day. This makes day trips much easier on families who can take the train because there will be none of that exhausting fighting of traffic or trying to answer the many “Are we there yet?” questions that inevitably come when you pull into a seemingly endless Disney parking lot. No traffic. No parking hassles. Just a nice train ride there and back!

With traffic and pollution in southern California what they are and parking at Disney what it is, this is just a fantastic way to help people conserve energy, save money and completely avoid road rage altogether!
It seems Anaheim is trying to build up its public transit system and the local transit authority believes that adding shuttles to DisneyLand and other popular spots like Crystal Cathedral and MainPlace Mall will help to attract riders. If taking the train catches on, the city is hoping to eventually build a transportation hub. Currently, about two million visitors ride ART each year but the transit authority is hoping to boost those numbers before their new schedule goes into effect in 2009.

Personally, I couldn’t think of a better way to take the kids to DisneyLand. I wouldn’t have to fight traffic or look for a parking spot once I got there. In fact, I could probably read a book instead. Then, after a long day of chasing the kids around one of the most magical (and exhausting) places on earth, I could even catch a few winks on the way home.