Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Friday June 23rd will be Pet Sitters International’s eighth annual Take Your Dog To Work Day!

The idea behind the event is to help pet-loving people share their four-legged friends with coworkers. Pet sitters, pet lovers, and animal shelters team up to celebrate their companion animals.

Businesses who would like to participate can sign up with Pet Sitters International, then invite their employees to bring their dogs to work with them on Friday, June 23rd. Businesses are also invited to partner with a local shelter for the day. The shelter can bring information on adoptions and even a few pups looking for forever homes. Want to help out even more? Add some sort of fundraiser to your day and donate the proceeds to your local shelter. Hold a “Cutest Canine” contest, or a “Parent/Pup Look-alike” contest — the entry fee can be donated to your shelter. Or take pictures of employees with their pups for a small fee.

If your business is participating in Take Your Dog To Work Day, you may want to contact Pet Sitters International about having a sitter come and discuss day care options for all the other days when dogs don’t go to work. You may also want to invite other pet care professionals — groomers, vets, and more — to come and talk about their services.

And don’t forget a feast for all your pups and coworkers! Hot dogs would be too perfect, don’t you think?

What’s in it for the businesses?

  • You get to do a great thing for your local animal shelter, by helping homeless dogs find forever homes.
  • You get to do a great thing for your employees — those who have pets will be thrilled to show them off and those who don’t may find a companion animal.
  • Pet Sitters International will help direct positive publicity your way.

Before celebrating Take Your Dog To Work Day, be sure that everybody in your office knows and is comfortable with the extra four-legged office mates. Your own pup should be clean and neat and up to date on all shots. Be sure to bring along food, water, and treats… a collar, leash, and ID tags… and whatever you may need to clean up any accidents!

If your office isn’t welcoming pooches on June 23rd (or any day), you can still show your support by bringing a stuffed animal or photos of your dog to work, or picking up some TYDTW bracelets.