Taking a Minimalist Approach

old bicycle There was a study I read about a while ago which has stuck with me. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where or when I read this, so I can’t quote the original source. It went something along the lines of how the more possessions someone has, the more stress he also had in his life. People in third world countries who had just the minimal amount of possessions, if any at all outside of the clothes on their backs, tended to be happier than most of us in the richer parts of the world. Hmmm.

The more possessions one has, the more things to keep track of and to worry about, especially in the event of an emergency. While we often focus on the things that we will need to have on hand should disaster strike, what about all of the things that we don’t need to have. Could these items get in the way of having a good experience should an emergency occur?

For example, if we have so many things in our home, will it be hard to find that emergency kit or first aid kit should we need it? Another example, are we spending money on items for the now, instead of saving money that could be used to ensure the safety of our home, our food supply and our families? It is something to think about, isn’t it?

With a more minimalist attitude, we may be freed up to focus on what is important. We would also be more light on our feet, so to speak, and faster for travel if needed. I think about all of the people during the Katrina disaster who might have been given the opportunity to evacuate (assuming that they had the means to do so, not everyone did) but instead choose to stay behind to protect their possessions, possessions that would up washed away or destroyed.

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