Taking Advantage of the Mild Winter Weather

January 7th saw me in my backyard, standing beside my Weber, grilling burgers…in shorts and sandals! Oh the mild weather is usually a bummer for winter lovers like me but today I pushed aside the nasty thoughts of global warming and the possibility of my daughter never seeing the snow fall around our home again (ok, that one is a little extreme, I know) and decided to take advantage of these nearly 70 degree “winter” days. We wiped down the swing set and the all weather patio furniture and spent some quality time out of the house today. Had all this occurred on May 7th, this article really would be nonsensical but it being January, the month of my birth, I feel the need to encourage all my East Coast readers to open the windows, fire up the grill and get your family outside!

Unless you are in the greater Denver area, your winter has most likely been a relatively mild one thus far. Your family should revert to some traditionally summer or springtime activities and take advantage of this pleasant outdoor situation. Fire up the grill this week and have a cookout! Make or buy a kite and fly it to the highest height (to borrow a line from Mary Poppins) and toss the frisbee or football around the yard. Bring out the bikes, Wiffleball bats and balls and maybe even the picnic blanket. Live it up because as remote as it seems right now, the snow and ice are most definitely lingering around the corner, waiting to wallop us square in our unseasonably suntanned faces.

Having a hard time smiling with the weather so warm? Think of the low heating costs and the chance to be outside during a time of year when the words cabin and fever are not usually strangers.

As long as Mother Nature is going to keep dishing up the sun, our families should keep up our part and take part in some outdoor fun. The kids will surely love it!

How were the burgers you ask? Mid (Summer) season form, if I do say so myself!

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