Taking Classes at a Yoga Studio

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about taking yoga classes at a gym. Choosing the place where you take your yoga classes is one of the first decisions you will need to make. One option is taking classes in a yoga studio. Wellness centers are another place that offers classes similar to those found in a yoga studio.

A yoga studio remains a popular option among both new and more advanced practitioners of yoga. Taking classes in a yoga studio is often the best choice for a new practitioner. Under the guidance of an experienced and well qualified yoga instructor, you will learn the correct posture in the asanas. The instructor can offer guidance that isn’t possible with a DVD or the Wii Fit.

For intermediate and advanced students, a yoga studio often provides more choices in class levels. Gym classes are often designed for beginners or try to accommodate a wide range of skill levels in one class. This is not effective for more advanced students or practitioners who want to become masters. Yoga studios offer different classes, based on experience to accommodate all students.

Another benefit of taking classes in a studio is the range of classes and styles of yoga offered. Most gym classes offer hatha or ashtanga yoga. If you are interested in another style of yoga, such as kundalini yoga, you may not find the class you want at the local gym.

Classes are relatively easy to find in most areas of the country, and even around the world. Yoga has grown in popularity over the past few decades and yoga studios are popping up in cities and small towns everywhere. If you live in a medium sized or larger town, you may have passed a studio or wellness center that advertises yoga classes.

Look in the phone book to find a local studio. The internet is a good resource for finding yoga classes. The website Yoga Finder has listings for studios in countries around the world. Click on the country and follow the prompts to locate studios close to home.

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