Taking the First Day of School Picture

It is a yearly tradition at our home, and has been since my children were starting Kindergarten. I’m referring to the first day of school picture. Many families plan this photo opportunity every single year on the first day of school. Does your family do this?

If you don’t, or you forgot and even if your children are already back to school – it isn’t too late. There’s nothing wrong with staging a photograph, the point is to capture them at their current age.

There are several ways you can go about the first day of school picture. We try to get one with the children and their backpack that year. We also usually have the children stand in front of our car while we wait for the bus. This has provided to be a fun way to watch them grow as they get taller and taller and eventually surpass the car door in height.

This photograph usually lends a hand to the perfect first page of a school year album or series of school year layouts. It is also fun to put both the first day of school and the last day of school photograph on the same layout to compare how much they grew and changed in one school year. Children grow fast, so why not commemorate it in a special way each year.

If you forgot to take your photograph this year, plan ahead for the next morning of school. Have your child wear their favorite outfit, grab their backpack and go outside and snap some pictures. Be sure to catch a few so you know you will get at least one perfect photo out of the bunch.

Do you do this? If you don’t, remember that it isn’t too late to start a new tradition and it will be wonderful for your children to have someday.

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