Taking the First Step

Do you remember the first scrapbook you made all by yourself?

My first memory album featured a travel theme and despite nearly 20 years and seven moves, it is still in one piece.

If you are contemplating making the move to scrapbooking, but are overwhelmed by the virtually endless amount of themes available, just relax. Take a deep breath and start with a topic you know well.

If you are a parent, the answer might be right in front of you.

Selecting your children as the topic for your first scrapbook is an excellent choice on many levels. For starters you will not have to hunt high and low for photos or mementos. What’s more, if your kids are old enough, you can get them to help you design layouts.

Don’t worry if your kids are already out of the house, you can still personalize your scrapbook by including special keepsakes and customizing add-ons, such as poems, famous quotes by your child’s favorite author, song lyrics and basic mementos, from a first tooth to a graduation tassel. Notes, letters and printed emails are also wonderful additions to preserve in a beginner’s scrapbook.

If you are an avid writer then creating a journaling block may not be such an intimidating technique to use your first time out. However, if you struggle to put your thoughts on paper, and fear that your words will compromise the overall look of a layout, then start small. Rather than design a traditional journaling block, create a list of information that describes your child. For example, you could share his favorite color, hobbies, sports, or subjects in school.

Another easy option is to feature memorable activities and milestones, including birthday parties, the first day of high school, graduations or weddings. Create layouts using photos of the special events, and then embellish the page designs with stickers, stamps, die cuts, frames, stencils, decorative paper, brads, or flocking powder.

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