Target Debit Card

When I was a little girl there was a K-Mart about 15 minutes from our house. We would get a number of things there. When Target opened a store down the street from the K-Mart it was the best thing ever. I loved the Target. It had everything. Many years later a Walmart opened. I really didn’t like the Walmart. Target was it for me.

I liked Target so much that I had a Target credit card. I don’t remember using my Target credit card at all and then Target upgraded my card to the Target Visa. The Visa arrived in the mail one day and it was a good day. No longer was I limited to shopping only at Target to benefit with Target. I could now use my Target Visa anywhere Visa was accepted. Whenever I spent $250 Target would send me a 10% shopping day coupon. The coupon was always welcome, but to use it you also had to use the Target Visa. So it was only good if you weren’t carrying a balance.

For a while I had a Mastercard that sported Walmart on the front. It would be a useful credit card now; because if you use the Walmart Mastercard to pay for gas at Murphy USA, you save four cents off each gallon. There were no Walmart gas stations near where we lived, if at all, in California, but is predominantly where I buy gas now.

Target now has its own debit card. The RedCard debit card has the benefits of the Target credit card or Target visa, without the debt risk. Target has low prices and with the debit card you save another five-percent. It’s unfortunate that none of the Super Target’s in my county accept WIC, because I would do all my shopping there.