Target Debit Card, Part 2

The last time I went shopping at Target I requested the Target RedCard Debit Card before my purchase was complete. The process to get the card was very simple and easy. I gave the cashier my driver’s license so he could get my basic information then I had to respond to prompts on the credit/debit machine. The prompts were simple and pretty much what I expected them to be. I did have to apologize to all the people who joined my checkout line late. I should have urged them all to go through the process themselves. I was so excited. I saved almost $4.00 on that shopping trip and all I did was ask for a dedicated store debit card. Does it get any better than that?

The cashier gave me my receipt showing my savings and making me wish I’d had my coupons with me. He also gave me a receipt that acted as a temporary debit card until my physical card arrived in the mail. I had to be very careful with the temporary card to not accidentally throw it out with the receipt or leave it in the drawer with the rest of the receipts waiting to be input in to Quicken.

My new debit card finally arrived in the mail. I was a little disappointed that the front of the card reads that I’d been a customer since 2010. Why couldn’t it have the same year as my Target RedCard Credit Card? My husband was a little disturbed when my new card arrived and I was so excited about it. We don’t use credit cards anymore and I couldn’t remember the last time I used my Target card. When I assured him it was a debit card connected to my checking account with a 5% savings on each purpose he was excited too.