Teacher Strike

We hear of many protests in the form of strikes. The most common reason for persons to strike in due to the dissatisfaction of working terms such as money and insurance. Many different occupations have been on strike from their jobs. I have recently heard of truck driver refusing to move off the roadway due to high gas prices. However the circumstances are typically different when it comes to teachers who strike.

When teachers strike, children, parents, and all other forms of jobs are all affected. Parents must find someone to watch their children while the students cannot go to school. This is usually a tough job and parents end up taking off from work themselves.

On April 24, many families will learn firsthand the effects of a teacher strike. The teacher organization, NUT, for Britain’s teachers has organized a one day teacher strike in which teachers will participate in. The teachers are upset because their request for a raise was denied.

Other professions will also see a great change in production for the day due to the thousands of parents who will be taking off from work to care for their children.

Many of the members of NUT are located in small primary schools. Although, the teachers voted three to one in favor of the strike, only one third of the members participated in the vote. Therefore it is unclear exactly how many schools will be affected by the strike.

The teachers seemed most upset because the pay for new teachers is nowhere near the pay for those beginning in other professions. The teachers claim that the low pay is keeping good teachers from the field.

Many believe that the strike will do nothing but waste a day of learning that the students should have been receiving.

I agree that one day will likely not change much. The students and schools will consider it more of a vacation day than anything else.

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