Teachers Taking Off from work

In my county, teachers receive two personal days a year. These days may be taken for any reason that the teacher desires. Teachers also receive one sick day each month. Those days would give the teacher ten sick days each school year. If the days are not used within the school year, they roll over to the next year. If the personal days are not used, they turn into sick days and roll over to the next year.

Teachers in my county also receive breaks throughout the school year. We have a break in the fall and a break in the spring. We are also out for a couple of weeks during the Christmas holidays. During the course of the year, we have long weekends. For example, we are out on Mondays for President’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Having said all of this, my thoughts are on teachers taking off from work. I do take off and get a substitute from time to time. I am off from work when I am sick, my children are sick, or someone has a doctor’s appointment. I have also taken off for a break when times have been stressful. Everyone deserves a day off every now and then.

However, there are many teachers who take off during the school year to go on vacation. I know some teachers who have planned family vacations during the school year because the rates are cheaper. I cannot say that I too would not want to save thousands of dollars.

However, how much time should teachers take off from work? A teacher who has days and does not mind signing that he or she is sick when he or she is really not may use the days freely.

Yet, I feel that major trips, such as those that last a week, should be taken during the “off” days.

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