Teachers Use Harry Potter to Teach Science

I personally have not had the Harry Potter experience. I have not read the books or watched the movies. There is not a religious reason behind my choosing not to take part in Harry Potter. I simply do not have an interest in the types of media that Rowling offers.

However, there is dramatic reasoning in why some others will condemn anyone who mentions liking the series of books and movies. There has been a lot of controversy about the magic and witchery that is portrayed in the writings of the Harry Potter books. I have even known of some church service sermons to focus on the evilness of the stories.

However, a few teachers have discovered how to use the books for positive learning. Charlene Haviland is excited by the action in the Harry potter series. This fall she will get to share her excitement with her students. She is planning to use the Harry Potter series books to teach a remedial eighth grade course. The course will take place after school and focus on one book per quarter.

She, along with George Plitnik, received a grant to fund the program. Plitnik has been using the Harry Potter books to teach science for the past two years. He began teaching with the aid of the books in his small honors course. However, his student body size has now grown to over ninety students. Plitnik says that a lot of things that appear to be magic are actually science.

The Harry Potter books were chosen because of the popularity of them among children. The series has inspired children who never read to read. Therefore, the children are drawn to being interested in the course because of the books. They are then introduced to how exciting science can be.

So far, Haviland has had no controversy over using the books in her program.

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