Teaching Scrapbooking Classes

One of my favorite past times, is teaching others how to scrapbook. I love introducing a scrapbooker to new techniques and helping them to discover their own creativity within themselves. I call it a past time, because although I actually get paid to teach, it is about the job more than the pay. In fact, if it was more about the pay, I think I’d have to find another job.

Teaching a scrapbooking class is the same as any other educational teaching experience. You have to first decide on the class you will teach. Then there is a preparation period, the actual teaching and then an experienced teacher, will request feedback, so the next class is even better.

Designing The Class

Think about what some of your favorite techniques are. Whatever those might be, would make excellent class ideas. A basic scrapbooking class is always a must. You can even host a class teaching better photography skills.


After figuring out which class you will teach, you will need to start preparing materials. You should always have a project that your students can complete. You will need to purchase the supplies and have them handy the day of the class. You will also need to print up any handouts you plan to provide. Writing down the points you plan to discuss on index cards is another great tool for making sure that it all goes smoothly. Make sure you leave plenty of time for them to ask questions and work on their project.

Teaching the Class

Speak clearly, slow down and take deep breaths and be sure that everyone in the room can hear you. Try to move around the room a little, so that you are talking to everyone and not just one group. Ask questions periodically and always allow others to ask questions. When you have students working on projects, always be available. Walk around the room, and let everyone know you are available if they need help. Avoid giving suggestions unless someone asks. Remember, it’s about their creativity.


Be sure and create a feedback form for the end of the class. Hand one out to each student and ask that they anonymously fill them out, this way there is no pressure. Place a box that they can drop them into, near the door. Ask questions, such as what they’d like to see in future classes, what you could do better, what they liked about the class, etc. The feedback will help you make future classes better.

There are dozens more articles coming on various ways to get paid for scrapbooking, various ideas for doing these methods, and lots more information in general.

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