Teaching Scrapbooking to Others

Teaching something you love to others is always a fulfilling thing. Scrapbooking is so much fun to do, and can be just as fun to teach to someone else. Whether it is just a friend, or several or a whole room full of strangers, it isn’t difficult to show someone why scrapbooking is fun and teach them how to do it.

Show Enthusiasm

Showing enthusiasm for something you love is usually contagious. The energy you exude while showing something to someone is usually catching. Even if they don’t have a lot of faith in themselves, seeing you get so excited will definitely get them excited. Always show enthusiasm for what you are doing.

Begin with Basics

Always begin with the basics. Even when you are an advanced scrapbooker, you have to go back and look at how overwhelming it all seems to someone brand new. Remember that they don’t have to make perfect pages the first time around. It is important to show them the basic supplies they need, how to use them and how using them all together creates cool pages. Embellishments are fine to show them, but perhaps teaching them to use the more advanced ones, should wait until they’ve created a few pages.

Go Slow

Not everyone learns at the same pace. So while you might think you are explaining something well, and some of your class or group seems to be catching on, pay close attention to everyone. Not all of your students will pick up the different techniques and projects as fast as others. Go slow, and be patient.

Encourage and Praise

Always remember to encourage and praise your students a lot. They need to hear how great their page looks, even if it isn’t your favorite page or your style. Remember that scrapbooking is about creativity and we are each designed to create differently. Lots of encouragement for those that seem easily discouraged and tons of praise for all your students will give them confidence and show them they can do it if they keep working at it.

Remember to have fun teaching. Educating others in the fine art of scrapbooking is not only fun, it is a rewarding thing to do.