Teaching the Gospel: Continually Working to Improve

When you are teaching the gospel at home or at church, it is important to continually work to improve your teaching. This constant search for improvement can help you to reach out to specific class members, and to share the messages that your class or family needs to hear. We often reflect on what we could have done better when the lesson went poorly, but we should also examine our teaching when the lesson went well. Make a note of the things that seemed to make the lesson go well, and note the areas that could use improvement.

The church has given us many different resources to use in order to teach the gospel more effectively. You can refer to the manual Teach My Gospel for specifics, but you can also use the meetinghouse library or the church’s website to provide materials to supplement your lessons. You can also find suggestions on how to teach in your particular auxiliary by looking under the Serving in the Church section of the church’s website. Additionally you should be having teaching inservice meetings taught by your presidency.

If you are focused on teaching the gospel more effectively at home, you can also use the church’s online library, and the material from your ward’s library. There is a wonderful section on how to teach your family under the Home and Family section. The official family home evening manual has a lot of information that can help you teach the gospel and other important skills to your family.

It is important to make it a practice to evaluate your lesson after you have completed it, and then to make goals on ways that you can improve. These goals will make you a more effective teacher. While you should be working continuously towards improvement, you should not take on more than you can handle. Work on one or two little things at a time. This way you do not burn yourself out on your calling.

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