Teaching Your Baby To Crawl

Is it possible to teach your baby to crawl? There are plenty of companies out there who would like you to think so. They offer all kinds of silly contraptions to put your baby on, claiming it will teach your baby how to crawl sooner.

Let’s go on a tangent for a moment and explore our reasons for wanting our baby to crawl “sooner.” Is it because we want our baby to “beat” the other babies in the nursery? Is it because we are tired of carrying our little one from room to room? Because really, there are cons to consider. A mobile baby may first appear to be an “easier” baby, but once they pick up speed and agility, you quickly realize that while they are more content with their mobility, they are also much more mischievous. There is a lot more running around for the parent, who must constantly protect the little cruiser from harm’s way. End tangent.

It is not possible to teach your baby to crawl any sooner than they are developmentally ready to do so. However, it is possible to help your baby reach his or her full potential. I think a lot of babies could crawl sooner if they were given more time to develop their motor skills, but unfortunately there are a lot of babies strapped into swings and bouncers all day. Floor time is very important to a baby’s development. You don’t need a fancy contraption to teach your baby to crawl. All you need is a soft blanket to lay on the floor and plenty of time to let her roll around and explore. She will figure it out if given the chance. She is programmed to learn to move! Encourage her to play on her tummy. You can roll up a receiving blanket and tuck it under her arms to help her lift her chest off the floor. Place toys in front and around her to give her an incentive to move forward. Mom’s face is even better than a toy, so get down on the floor with her to interact and encourage.

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