Teaching Your Own Child in Your Classroom

A few articles ago, I mentioned the hardships that can come from teaching the children of friends or family members. Equally, it can be as difficult to teach your own children in your classroom.

Having your own child in your classroom may not be a great idea. Parents tend to be harder on their children than others. While many outsiders will feel that you are giving your child favors and special attention, you will be trying so hard not to that you actually treat your child worse than the other students.

In addition, children need space. They need to have friend arguments without their parents knowing it. They need to get called down in class once or twice without their parents knowing it. They need to make a couple of bad grades on a test and be given the chance to tell their parents without their parent knowing it first.

I believe that the older the child is the harder it may be to have him/he in class and keep peace at home with the family. It would be just too hard not to bring up things that happen at school.

With smaller children, it may be hard to break away from the mommy or daddy mode and be the teacher. Your child may actually get jealous when he/she sees you working with another child. He/she may still want to crawl up in your lap and feel the affection of a parent.

Some schools will not allow a parent to have his/her own child in class if it can be prevented. In the least, the child will not be in the parent’s homeroom. Even if your school does allow it, it may not be a good idea. Think it over before attempting it.

Consider how it might affect both your child and your job.

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