Marriage is all about teamwork, whether that is in raising children, or doing household chores.

This morning Mick and I were hanging the washing out. Obviously this used to only occur on weekends until after he retired. Now it is quite common to see us pegging out the washing together.

Of course initially when he tried to help we had a few things hung up in strange ways, or at least ways strange to me. Most things I didn’t care about. But I did care if I ended up with peg marks on the shoulders of T shirts, or blouses and skirts that needed to be ironed if they’d been hung wrongly.

Once I explained why I wanted things hung a certain way, he was fine with it. So, now it’s quite common to see us both out there early of a morning pegging out washing.

‘That’s teamwork,‘ a neighbor said. ‘I’ll have to make sure my husband sees this.’

‘Yes, he’s definitely a good example,’ I replied.

Hanging the washing out is also a good time to chat about plans for the rest of the day. It makes the task go easier and quicker. Teamwork usually does that.

Of course, sometimes the idea of what is teamwork is interesting. Like yesterday when I was making a chocolate slice for a ladies Christmas gift evening, Mick’s idea of teamwork was to taste one piece of the slice ,’ just to make sure it worked okay,’ since I changed the recipe. However he is going up this afternoon with some other men to help them set up.

Similarly my idea of gardening is to tell him what to plant and where and leave him to it. However I do go out and de-head the petunias so they will flower better or water or prune. Other than that I do the things I need to do inside and my work while he takes care of outside and things he enjoys doing. That’s teamwork.

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