Techniques of Preserving Your Pages

There are lots of techniques to preserve your scrapbook pages. Thank goodness for fresh products manufactured daily and the growth of technology that is now accessible to the public. However the best technique of preserving your pages will eventually depend on what type of project you’re working on.

For example, uncompleted pages can be reserved in a multi-file folder for simple access. In addition, you can utilize drawers or boxes that are planned to fit scrapbook pages. If you can’t go to a subject scrapbook store, a number of home stores such as Target or Wal-Mart might even have these accessible to you.

For your completed pages, there are scrapbook albums for pages varying from 5×5 inches to 12×12 inches. These albums are encircled with hard covers are prepared with plastic sleeves to guard your work.

You can also scan your pages or take pictures of them therefore you can have them in your computer. After you have them in your computer, you can construct a slide show of you work and still burn it onto a compact disk.

If you’re working with a project for a gift, you can locate a nice box to put it in and keep it to protect your project. Stores such as Joanne’s, Michael’s or even The Container store will comprise a box to fit the size of whatsoever project you’re working on.

Some shadow boxes are made particularly for scrapbook pages. These are frames that fit pages equal to size 12×12. It’s a great option if you desire to demonstrate your page as a decoration in a room.

Several scrapbooking supply stores currently have scrapbooking calendars. These are 12×12 calendars that have the month printed out however on the top part is clear where you would usually see a photograph of some kind. This is a good way to make a modified calendar. As well, you get to exhibit a special scrapbook page each month.

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