Teen Choking Game – A Potentially Deadly High Pt 3

What to do if You Think Your Child May be Trying This

Don’t forget that this is going on all over the world, in schools across the nation, and even adults have tried and do this. Talking to your child about this can be very difficult, as they might lack good judgment. Children think they are invincible – that nothing can hurt them. They often think it would never happen to me, I am in control. They could also think you are attacking them, or accusing them of being “bad” or doing something wrong. Simply explain to them that you want to talk to them about something very important. You want to make sure they are safe. You heard something about this game, and you want to inform them about the dangers. Keep it simple, and don’t let the discussion go off of the topic. Listen to them, as well as talking with them. Sometimes you just need to listen. Discuss the dangers of this game, and that it can even be fatal. Tell them about the children that have already died from this game who didn’t mean to die. It can take just 2 minutes, and it’s suddenly too late.

Resources for More Information About The Choking Game

Your child’s school can be a good resource. Make sure they know about this game, especially the school’s counselors and teachers.

Check your local library, or try some searches online for more information about the choking game. Reference all of the different names possible.

Talk to your doctor about it. They might not have even heard of it. Even if they don’t, they will research it. Ask them how to talk to your child, ask friends and family.

If your child has even one of the symptoms of playing the choking game, it has already become serious. Some children die the first time they try it. Don’t wait until it’s too late.