Teens, Tweens and Home Decor

Is your child outgrowing his or her room? Your son or daughter is not a little kid anymore and not quite an adult either, but the current decor just isn’t cutting it. It happens all too soon, but don’t worry, you can easily give your teen or tween a fun room. Letting your child help design the space will ensure that it is something both of you can live with. Be prepared for some wild ideas, and be prepared to compromise.

For example, if your angel says she wants a black bedroom, don’t automatically cringe and say no. You do not have to paint the walls black; you can cover them with fabric or poster board, which can easily be removed when she moves on to her next phase and gets tired of black.

If your son heads down the hallway with a hammer, intending to hang pin-up girls all over his walls, stop him. Decide which posters you approve of and then send him for your sewing basket. Yes, your sewing basket. Posters can easily be hung with straight pins. Straight pins are strong enough to hold the poster in place, yet light to avoid causing any major damage to your walls, unlike nails.

Other good ideas include large dry erase boards, so kids can write each other messages, draw, and sign their names. This is a great way to curb the urge for graffiti covered walls. One swipe of the eraser, and they can start all over again.

There are also great picture frames available that incorporate a larger than usual matting so that friends can sign it. These frames come complete with marking pens. They are perfect for capturing a special occasion, such as a party, an event, or the last day of school. Your son or daughter can frame a special photo then have friends sign their names and write fun notes all around it. This kind of picture frame makes a great keepsake as well as a fun decorative element. Buy several. They will want one for everyone occasion.

You can find ways to incorporate your kids’ ideas without doing any permanent damage. Your kids will think you’re great. They might even invite some friends over to hang out. Their friends will think you’re pretty cool too.