Television Tastes Funny

TV! Tv tv tv tv tv tv tv tv tv! SLURP! Television tastes funny. I’m on a commercial. My commercial. MY COMMERCIAL! Myyy commerciaaaal. My commercial, my commercial, my…I LIKE MY COMMERCIAL!

No, you are not crazy and neither am I — I don’t think. What you just read is from a commercial for Cartoon Network (CN) featuring a character named Cheese from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.” Of course, the first time I saw part of an ad for this show was while I was driving down I-64, almost on I-264 in Virginia Beach, and there was a big, red billboard with the phrase “I pooted.” This may seem inappropriate for the youngsters. Well, maybe it is, but through searching, I have learned that these shows are mostly for the older kids. And just to let you know, a few weeks later the character was painted on along with the Cartoon Network logo.

Cartoon Network’s website is not like the other websites that I have previously reviewed. Mostly, I have found, it is a way to advertise the network and its schedule. On the other hand, I have learned a lot about some of the characters on the CN shows. I would absolutely not show this site to my 20-month-old daughter. However, perhaps a mature youngster could appreciate these cartoons more. Although many shows are rated Y7 (programs directed at children 7 and older), I am not sure I would want my seven-year-old (if I had one) watching them.

Here is my advice about Cartoon Network. As a parent, peruse the site and check out the shows. Pay special attention to each show’s theme and character information. Whether or not you find these shows to be appropriate for your child, you will have used Cartoon Network as your own personal educational tool. And even if you don’t find something appropriate for your child, maybe you will find something for yourself on their Adult Swim schedule!

Note: Obviously Cartoon Network has figured out a way to catch people’s attention. I just wish that some of it was NOT from the highway! Check this out!