Ten Summer Boredom Busters

Ten Summer Boredom Busters

Only a few weeks left before school starts, and for some kids (or their parents!) it’s not soon enough. Even kids who aren’t anxious to return to school might find the long, lazy days of summer wearing a bit thin in August. But you can bust that boredom with some of these ideas, perfect for the hot afternoons in August.

1. Play water games. Turn on the sprinklers, get the hose running, or just find a couple of buckets and sponges and you’re ready to go.

2. Visit the zoo or aquarium. This one takes some planning and effort on your part, but you need a break, too. I’ve taken my kids to the aquarium when I thought I should be working instead, and ended up being the one who enjoyed it the most.

3. Do some art. Get out a bucket of sidewalk chalk or containers of finger paints or watercolors and let the kids go for it. If they do this outside, then there’s barely any cleanup.

4. Go to the dollar movie. It doesn’t matter that Ice Age 2 isn’t your idea of premium entertainment. Sit in a cool theater with the kids, get them some popcorn and soda and just enjoy the middle-of-the-day giggles.

5. Go to the dollar store. If your little ones have ants in their pants, give them a few dollars each and take them to the dollar store. “You can buy anything in the store you want” are powerful words. You’ll be surprised how much time and care they’ll take picking out just the right items.

6. Pack a picnic. Simple sandwiches and juice and a park are all you need to make lunchtime a fun treat. We like to go to a river near our house or even to a lake twenty minutes away. Eating a meal outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy summer.

7. Decorate bikes. Add some twirling ribbons to the handlebars or use a clothespin to attach a playing card to rim so it makes a cool sound as it clicks against the spokes when you ride. Your kids will want to get some exercise.

8. Go to a skate park. Even if your kids don’t skateboard, it’s fun to watch the experts do their tricks.

9. Make popsicles. If you don’t have plastic popsicle molds, pour juice in small paper cups, set them on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer. When they are partially frozen, poke in a popsicle stick. Finish freezing and then send the kids outside to eat them.

10. Sleep outside. When you know it will be a clear night, check out a book on stars and constellations and study up during the day. Then roll out the sleeping bags and gaze at the stars when it’s bedtime.