Ten Tips to Building a Strong, Smart Marriage

Everything in life is based on perception. Our perceptions of the world around us suggest how we handle everything from our interpersonal relationships to how much faith we put into our fellow man. Positive experiences breed positive viewpoints, so forth and so on. So here are ten tips to help you make better choices and decisions about your marriage and how you let perception affect you.

  • Our interpersonal differences and disagreements are not the problem; how we cope with them determines whether our not we will be successful in our marriage
  • Our marriages are more important than we may initially realize as it affects our wealth, health, children and personal sense of satisfaction just to name a few
  • You and your spouse will have irreconcilable differences – areas where you will just agree to disagree and it’s perfectly normal
  • Feelings are not absolute and therefore love is not a quantifiable substance, instead it love ebbs and flows, when you change your behavior, you can enhance or deplete the feeling
  • Our satisfaction in marriage drops with the birth of a child and may drop for each future child as well, studies indicate that marriage satisfaction is at the absolute lowest point when children are entering into the rebellious teenage years – this is the time when making an effort towards appreciating each other is also most important
  • Closeness and intimacy also ebb and flow, it’s normal for it to come and go, just enjoy the tides
  • True satisfaction in married life is not about recapturing the period when you were strangers getting to know each other, but building on the strong flavor of intimacy between the two of you
  • Fighting is often followed by making up, comedians say that the make up is the pay off for the fight – it’s important for couples to be willing to make up after an argument or they will never be able to repair the fissures in their relationship
  • Change is inevitable, change doesn’t mean bad though and you have to learn to really embrace the changes in life, your marriage and in your own goals – keep up to date with both sides of the picture
  • Marriage education and therapy should be about improving and expanding your own personal tools for knowledge, if you are pre-emptive and perform maintenance it’s just like your car – waiting until it breaks down can cost you more than having regular maintenance performed – if nothing else, you get the tools to help you prevent damaging the marriage

A strong, smart marriage is something we can all enjoy and as stated here, your marriage is very important to your life and the life of your family, children, career and goals. It’s important to remember to prioritize accordingly.

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