Thanks, Dad!

Today is Father’s Day. I have been blessed with two fathers in my life. One who is righteous, honorable and loyal to his wife and children, and one, my biological father, who was not. I have seen, within the four walls of my childhood home, opposite ends of the spectrum and therefore, consider myself somewhat of an expert in the area of what a son or daughter looks for in a father:

1. A father who stands ready and worthy at all times to give a priesthood blessing, speaking under the power of the Spirit the words which our Father in Heaven would have for His sons and daughters in times of need or comfort.

2. A father who is willing to sit down and talk with his child, regardless of the topic.

3. A father who leads his family in scripture study and prayer. One who attends church, does his home teaching and attends the temple regularly.

4. A father who shows and means his love toward his wife, providing his children with the example of a supportive and loving husband and father. In other words, a father who is a role model for his children.

5. A father whose sole goal is to walk into the eternities with his family by his side. If this is his goal, than all other aspects of fatherhood and family fall into place as he would be a man led by the spirit.

And so today I honor my father, the father of my heart, who has lived up to everyone of these traits listed above. Born in Amsterdam, Holland, my father suffered through and survived Hitler’s invasion of his homeland, survived World War II, survived the concentration camp afterward, found the gospel and with it clutched close to his heart he came to a new land and became a fiercely patriotic American. He is a man who stands for what he believes in and takes on anyone and anything he perceives as a threat to his God, family and nation.

I am so proud of him and honored to call him my father. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.