We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Australia but I wish we did. I think it is important to be thankful. So what about writing out and sharing a thanksgiving list with your spouse or to give to you spouse. On it you could include all the things you are thankful for.

For example in writing out a thanksgiving list for Mick I could include things like, I am thankful for all the years of happy marriage we have head together and for the good times we have had. I am thankful even for the hard times that we have gone through them together and that we have learned something about ourselves and other lessons along the way.

I’m thankful for times to relax together. Last night music practice for church was cancelled because a one of the musicians was not well. It was nice just for Mick and me to sit and watch a movie we had taped, called Tender Mercies. It wasn’t a brilliant movie but it was enjoyable and it showed how love and marriage to the right person can change someone.

I’m thankful that after all these years Mick and I still enjoy being together and would rather being together than with anyone else. On Monday night I had to go out for a church ladies Christmas evening so I was pleased to have last night to be with Mick instead.

I’m thankful for Mick’s encouragement and support. At the moment I have final proofs back for Streets on a Map, my novel to be published shortly. Mick knows that for that moment that takes priority and so the plans that we had previously made for today needed to be on put on hold so I could get onto that.

I’m thankful for my two adult children who both know the Lord God and are following Him. I’m thankful they both have happy marriages and are raising their families on godly principles.

Why not make your own list of what you are thankful for?

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