Thanksgiving Crafts: Giving Thanks Quilt

You may have seen another article called Thankful Crafts for Thanksgiving. This one also offers a way to show what you’re thankful for, but it’s a little bit different. This is one for the whole family to get involved in, and each person will have opportunity to give thanks.

There are different variations. Some are very simple while there is one that will take a little more time and effort.

Paper Quilt

Okay, so it’s not a “real” quilt, but it works almost the same way, and it looks cute. You will need squares of heavy paper (handmade paper is pretty) or cardstock. Cut it into equally sized squares. Fold the edges over about a half inch. This will be your “seam.” Decorate the square and write or draw what you are thankful for, or use photos or images from magazines, clip art, etc. When each person is done, glue the squares together from behind, along the seams. Let everyone make several squares. When the quilt is done, hang it up for everyone to see and enjoy.

Thanksgiving quiltsFabric Quilt

You can make this quilt the same way, using fabric, fabric glue, and fabric paints, instead of paper. On the other hand, you can work with squares of fabric, which can later be sewn together and then sewn to a background. This will make a beautiful wall hanging that can be used to decorate for Thanksgiving every year. You will still have fun making your squares, but this way your artwork will last longer.

*Don’t forget to add loved ones that you are thankful for too. Family members will be touched to see their names or pictures on your Giving Thanks Quilt.

Are you getting excited about the holidays? I am, but it won’t be long now. There are only eight more days until Thanksgiving!