Thanksgiving in Kindergarten

Holidays are always exciting at school, especially if you are in kindergarten. We celebrate Valentine’s Day, Groundhog’s Day, Easter, President’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more. For five year olds there cannot be enough reasons to celebrate and create art projects.

Each special day gives me a special reason to give my students a special memory.

Today is our last day of school before Thanksgiving Holiday break. Our Thanksgiving vacation will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

All week last week, we discussed the Pilgrims and the Indians. We read books about them and talked about the Mayflower. We have made several different types of turkeys and cornucopias. We have sung songs and chanted poems about anything and everything that is Thanksgiving related.

The children feel confident that they are Thanksgiving experts. They have recited and recalled and remembered all of their facts. Because of all of their hard work, today we will celebrate.

Therefore today, we will be Pilgrims and Indians. We are making Indian vests out of paper bags and Indian necklaces out of colored pastas. We will wear Indian headbands. We will decorate ourselves with Indian symbols.

Although we will look like Indians, we will cook like Pilgrims. Today we are making our very on butter. Our butter will be made from heavy whipping cream. We will take turns shaking the mixture until our butter forms. We will then use our butter to top our homemade cornbread.

Before we eat, we will take the opportunity to tell what we are thankful for. We will remember the first people that came to America and the Indians who were already here. We will be thankful for the first feast that they celebrated together.

I hope that this day and the first Thanksgiving will be remembered by my students for years to come.

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