“That Apple is Mine” by Katya Arnold

“That Apple is Mine” is a picture book both written and illustrated by Katya Arnold an artist from Moscow.

In the book a rabbit sees an apple on a tree that he wants to eat. The rabbit isn’t tall enough to reach the apple so he asks a nearby crow to pick it for him. The crow picks the apple but decides to keep the apple for himself rather than give it to the rabbit. The crow tries to fly away but the apple was too heavy for him to carry and he drops it. A porcupine is walking by and catches the apple, and decides that he too would like to have the apple.

The animals, who are all interested in eating the apple begin to loudly fight over the fruit, and who should rightfully receive it. The rabbit did see the apple first, but it was the crow who picked it, and the porcupine who caught it. A bear is awoken by the fighting and the animals explain their position to the bear. The bear then suggests that they cut the apple up and share it since they all in effect have equal claim to the apple.

The porcupine cuts the apple into four equal pieces. He gives one piece to the rabbit for finding the apple, one piece to the crow for picking it, one piece to himself for catching it, and the final piece he gives to the bear for stopping the animals from fighting.

This can be a good book to read to your children and discuss sharing. The story can teach your children that while they think that they have claim to something, someone else may have equal claim to the same object. The best resolution is to try and share equally with everyone then everyone is happy.

You can purchase “That Apple is Mine” as well as Katya’s other books “Me Too! Two Small Stories About Small Animals”, “Meow!: Duck, Duck, Goose?” and “The Adventures of Snowwoman”at your local bookstore or online at Amazon.com