That’s Not What I Said!

Yesterday, I got an email from Heather pointing to a blog called Crash into Love, which is written by Michael Smalley. I hadn’t been aware of the blog, but clicked on the link Heather provided, to find my name prominently featured in the first line of the headlining article on the site.

Mr. Smalley apparently took a quick glance at my article, “Staying Together for the Kids… Really?” and really got the wrong idea. So, in case anybody else just read the first line or two and came to the same conclusion, I’d just like to make it clear that I do not promote divorce and I do not believe that couples shouldn’t stay together for their kids.

My point was that doing so takes work. A couple cannot simply force themselves to co-exist, claiming it’s for the kids, if their actions while remaining together make like even more miserable for their kids and themselves. Couples who want to stay together for their kids, an admirable position, have to find a way to get along in at least a civil manner.

If you’re going to work through problems enough to be civil and to remain together to parent your children, why not try to salvage the marriage instead of anticipating the date your youngest turns 18?

Going back to Mr. Smalley, I have to add that I commented on his post, and although comments are moderated, he did post what I had to say. He also responded graciously, but in case people don’t read the comments section, I’d like to make it clear that I do not think people should abandon their marriages or their children.

I’m actually kind of glad this happened, because it not only gave me a chance to clarify my position, but also because I am now aware of Crash into Love, which strongly supports marriage and contains other good information.

I hope you all have a great weekend!