The $10 Mall Date

Need an idea for an exciting and fun date? Try this…it’s a blast. It will give you night full of memories without costing a lot. The info listed below can be cut and pasted into a word document to be printed. Then, stick both pages into an envelope along with a ten dollar bill. Take the envelope with you to a mall, open it and read the instructions together.

Note: I made this date for my husband and I, so part of the challenges involve a little kissing. If you use this idea for a more casual relationship, then you’ll just need to tweek the instructions a little.

Following are the instructions to print:

This is your opportunity for some adventure! There is $10 enclosed in the envelope, but don’t spend it yet! You have to earn it first! Your task is to earn enough money to get yourselves something to eat Listed on the next page are the tasks that will raise that cash. You have on hour (set an alarm!) to finish as many of these things as you can. Each task is listed next to its value. Both of you have to do each task unless otherwise stated. When you’re finished, total the amount you have earned and follow the instructions below.

What to do when time’s up? You must first get exact change from your ten-dollar-bill to equal the amount you have raised. Then, you have the remainder of your date to spend every last penny. Have fun!

_____$.25 Throw pennies into a fountain, taking turns making wishes

_____$.50 Write a poem together (at least 16 lines)

_____$.50 Feed an animal

_____$.50 Hold a kiss for one elevator ride

_____$1.00 Kiss 25 times in 1 hour

_____$.50 Climb a tree

_____$.50 Sing a song together in public

_____$.25 Test some perfume or cologne (just one of you)

_____$.75 Try on leather or pleather pants (just one of you)

_____$.25 Eat a free sample

_____$.50 Draw a picture of a stranger (one of you)

_____$.50 Play a piano

_____$.75 Build something

_____$.25 Watch part of a movie

_____$.50 Pet an animal

_____$.25 Play with a toy

_____$1.00 Do the crabwalk in public for 30 seconds

_____$.50 Literally walk in each other?s shoes for one minute

_____$.75 Listen to jazz music

Total earned _____________________