The 2007 Photographer’s Market

The 2007 Photographer’s Market is here, and if you are a freelance photographer, or just plain interested in selling your photos, you might want to invest in this awesome resource. The retail price at Amazon is $26.99.

The Photographer’s Market series is published every year and is great for finding buyers for photography, information on photo contests, submission guidelines, working with digital media, running a successful photography business, …etc.

Some of the markets that are covered in the book are:

  • Consumer Publications – Such as large circulation magazines and smaller specialized publications.
  • Newspapers and Newsletters – Every town has a local paper, and many businesses have newsletters. Many online businesses now have email newsletters. It doesn’t matter, they all need photos.
  • Trade Publications – Many professions have publications geared just to their area of expertise, such as aviation, beekeeping, sport ballooning, scrapbooking, and many others.
  • Book Publishers – They need photos for covers, text illustration and other promotional materials (like bookmarks).
  • Greeting Card and Poster Companies – Are always in need of high quality photography.
  • Stock Photo Agencies – If you are feeling competitive, check out the listings of stock photo agencies.
  • Advertising and Design – We talked about this field of photography earlier. Highly competitive but also very lucrative.
  • Galleries – If you like to see your work mounted and framed, consider getting some of your photos in a local gallery.

All of these sources are in need of photographs. How they get them and how much they will pay for them is all covered, as well as what companies work with new or lesser-known photographers, and which ones have staff photographers.

There is also information on contests, and resources for photographers, including:

  1. Websites
  2. Photo Representatives
  3. Professional Organizations
  4. Workshops and Photo Tours
  5. Publications

And there is an index that is listed by geography, international, subject and general. So, if you specialize in nature photography, go right to the listings that buy for that field. And throughout the book there are articles by practicing professionals about various topics of interest to photographers. This is a very informative book, and one that you will want to add to your photography library.