The A B C’s of Finance Part 7

As I bring my alphabetical adventures in financial literacy to an end, I am seriously wondering whether there are actually financial words that begin with x, y, and z. Lo and behold, there are. Not many, mind you, but the fact that there are financial terms beginning with those letters is surprising given how few words in general begin with those letters.

For X, there are no actual words that I could find, but it is used as a symbol on the Nasdaq stock exchange. If a Nasdaq stock symbol has X as the fifth letter, that means that the listing is for a mutual fund. Yankee CDs are CDs that are issued in the domestic market by a branch of a foreign bank. Zabara is a principle that applies mainly to international equities like Japanese securities transactions that are conducted in a manner similar to an auction.

That’s it, twenty six financial words that I did not know before I went and searched them out. I am not sure whether and when I will use any of these new financial words, but I am glad to have started learning more about the language of money. I probably will never try my hand at investing in the stock market, but things like life insurance and mortgages touch most people’s lives at some point or another. For me, becoming more comfortable with money and understanding all of the ways that it can work seem worth the effort because at some point that knowledge could help me avoid making a poor financial decision or even help me to recognize that an amazing opportunity is right under my nose. It is my hope that increasing my own financial awareness will help me to be a good example for my children in the money department. I would like to raise children that are comfortable with money and are aware of all of the things that it can do for them and for others.

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