The Adoptees Liberty Movement Association Society

ALMA, ALMA society, Adoptees Liberty Movement AssociationAnother really wonderful resource for adoptee’s in the Adoptee’s Liberty Movement Association (ALMA). They are also known as The ALMA Society and can be reached on their web page at The ALMA Society.

The ALMA Society is a not for profit, tax-exempt corporation funded entirely by registration fees and donations which are tax-deductible. It might seem expensive at first, however they are the pioneer organization in fighting for the rights of adoptees everywhere. They are the oldest, most comprehensive and the absolute most successful reunion registry of its kind. And believe me, I’ve known a lot of adoptee’s and birth parents who have been reunited using this service!

Many of their reunions have been shown on Oprah, Mike and Maty (I miss that show!), Gordon Elliot and Leeza.

ALMA advises new members to download the membership application form and submit it as soon as possible. Include a check or money order for $50.00 which is the registration fee.

Once you have been placed into the database, they will run a scan of data. If there is a match, you will be notified immediately.

ALMA believes that the denial of an adult human being’s right to the truth of his origin creates a scar which is embedded in his soul forever.

“Alma” is the Spanish word for “soul”. How appropriate really. It is because of this, that ALMA has a very special meaning to all adoptees. Almost every adoptee has been hurt by being denied their information. ALMA goes above and beyond to work closely with adoptee’s and the agencies and associations involved, to combat this problem.

You can reach the ALMA Society at:

The ALMA Society,
P.O. Box 85,
Denville, NJ 07834

I know that the cost of registering will be steep to many adoptees. Most of us are not made of money, and we already recognize how costly a search can be. However, it will be the best fifty dollars you have ever spent.

You can go to their web site and read about all of their adoption reunion stories. Some of the most famous adoptees have been reunited using ALMA.

I urge all adoptee’s to register as soon as possible. Best of luck!