The All-Up Relay

Players: 6 to 60
Location: playground, gym, back yard, big basement
Materials: Some kind of object that falls over easily, a bowling pin would be ideal.
Two hula-hoops, or sidewalk chalk

Ages 4+

Teaser: This is a great relay game to play with a lot of people. It would be ideal at a multi-family function so that families can compete as teams. Other team possibilities are boys vs. girls etc.

To start the game the players line up in a single formation behind a starting line. In front of each time, at the opposite end of the running space (which should ideally be 10-30 feet long) are two circles, roughly three feet in diameter, and placed side by side with the rims touching. In one of the circles of each pair, place three bowling pins, or whatever you’re using.

At the signal, the first person in each line funs forward and, with one hand only, changes the pins from one circle to the other. Each club has to stand up, and can’t touch the outside of the circle. As soon as the player finishes, he tags the next player and goes to the back of the line.

After the tag, the next player does the same thing, but moves the pins back to the original circle following the same rules as the first player.

The winners are the team whose last player was first to cross the starting line.

There are a lot of variations to the game, and few set rules. If you have someone who can act as a referee, they can check to be sure the pins or objects are placed correctly, and give the teams points off. Teams can also get fouls if a player crosses the line without tagging up, or uses both hands to set up the pins, or their pins aren’t standing. The whole foul system could get confusing for younger kids, but it gives the game a bit more structure.