The Backyardigans

“The Backyardigans” is a show that I haven’t been able to get into myself, but my nephew and daughter seem to love it. Even though I am a big fan of music and musicals, I can’t bring myself to watch it. What does that have to do with anything? Well, “The Backyardigans” is a show that is done with a lot of music. I suppose one could consider it a musical like some other shows, such as “Wonder Pets!” By the way, “The Backyardigans” is another great animated show using the wonders of 3-D CGI-animation.

The group that calls themselves backyardigans is made of different animals. Tyrone is a moose and the laid-back thinker of the group. His best friend is Pablo. Pablo is a penguin who loves to play. He reacts very quickly to things and is always the first to help his friends out of a jam. Tasha is a hippo who likes to get her way and tends to be a bit bossy. She and Uniqua play together a lot. Uniqua is, well, she is a uniqua. I don’t know what that is supposed to be, but I think you can probably figure out from her name that it’s something different than anything else. She likes adventure and also likes to be silly. She is very in-tune to the feelings of her friends and always knows the right thing to say. Austin is a kangaroo. He’s not one to take the lead, but he always has a positive attitude.

In each episode, the five friends meet up in their adjoining backyards to play. Wherever they decide to go that day — whether a jungle on sailing the high seas — their backyards magically take them there. Their adventures are always musical, like I mentioned before, and they explore all different types of music. The type of music they use usually depends on where they go. And so, all of these characters go on magical adventures without ever leaving the safety of their backyards.

“The Backyardigans” is a great show to teach kids about how to use their imaginations. It is also another show that can teach them about different styles of music.

“The Backyardigans” can be seen on Nick Jr. and NOGGIN network. For more information and activities related to the show, please visit Nick