The Benefits of Commitment

hands If you are married then you must be committed to your spouse, right? actually, this is not necessarily the case. Many couples find themselves having difficulty truly committing, even after the marriage ceremony. Taking two lives and blending them together without losing individuality can be difficult. Perhaps this is why many marriages fail within the first two years.

Making a commitment to someone means closing the door on other competing possibilities. In other words, no more fishing in the sea for another partner. While this can be a joy, many people also find it very scary.

In our society, we talk a lot about independence and freedom. And while these things are so important in our lives, we often confuse freedom with being uncommitted or unfettered. But commitment to your spouse is well worth it. There are so many benefits to the individual, not to mention the marriage itself.

Commitment can help you get over a rough patch. All people and all marriages have rough patches. But knowing that neither one of you is going to walk away can give you the time and space to work through a difficult time. It also gives your marriage a chance to grow and mature.

The vulnerability that is allowed through commitment can lead to great personal growth. If you know that you aren’t going to just be tossed aside by your partner, then you have the freedom to be vulnerable and to reveal your real self. This not only brings the opportunity for that self growth, but it can also strengthen your marriage. You can move forward in new endeavors with confidence, knowing that your built in support system will be there to support you.

Having a strong marital commitment means that you can commit to other things in life, children, especially, whose needs for commitment are astronomical and go without saying. Committing to a home, a business or a passionate cause is often easier when you have the experience and the support of a commitment to a spouse.

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