The Benefits of Working for “The Mouse”

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Walt Disney World in Florida. In fact, I’d have to say it was one of the very best jobs I’d ever had. Disney employees are never referred to as employees. Everyone who receives a paycheck from the Disney Company is a Cast Member. Whether you are working behind the scenes or in front of crowds of Disney enthusiasts, you are a cast member. Every person who works for the mouse is there to make your Disney experience the best it can possibly be and chances are, you will only see about 10% of the people working to make you happy. I’ll talk about how you can become a cast member in upcoming blogs but I’d like to focus this blog on the benefits of becoming a cast member.

The benefits are amazing!

The pay you’ll receive is extremely competitive but that isn’t all there is to being a cast member. All cast members, full or part time, receive free admission to all Disney theme parks in the world and discounts on tickets they purchase for family members. Any Disney merchandise purchases are discounted. Cast members also receive free access to their own mini-resort lake and recreation area with tennis, volleyball, and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Full-time cast members receive medical, dental and vision benefit plans, a retirement plan, paid holidays/vacations/sick days.

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has nearly every career opportunity imaginable with well over 3,000 different job classifications. Whatever your expertise, or career dream, Walt Disney World can take you there. Management opportunities abound and upward mobility is standard. One thing you’ll never have to worry about is business slowing down and employees being laid off. Walt Disney World can provide serious job security!

If you live in central Florida or are considering a move and would like to explore the available opportunities at Walt Disney World, simply call the Walt Disney World JobLine at (407) 828-1000. Keep reading the Disney Blog as I’ll be updating readers on Disney job openings and opportunities (at all Disney locations) regularly.

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