The Best Careers to Have

Personally, I am of the persuasion that I’d much rather enjoy my job than look at it as a tool for status or a means to get rich. My husband coaches preschoolers–which is his ideal job–and he loves it. While he is pretty well paid, he enjoys it and consequently never comes home stressed or goes to work dreading it. To me, that’s worth a million. However, this list of best careers (put together by U.S. World & News Report) considers several criteria including training necessary for field, job market outlook, resistance to off shoring, pay, job satisfaction, and perceived prestige. Are you considering which career might be a good fit for you? Take a look!


Any situation working one on one where you are helping people is considered an enjoyable job. Not to mention the fact that hearing aid technology will improve over time and consequently, your job as an audiologist will become more rewarding as you’re able to help more people. One disadvantage to this career is the education that is required–you must have a doctor of audiology degree. However, one benefit is that few people consider this specialty and so it is as about non-competitive as you can get in the medical field. Median pay is $64,500.

Biomedical Technician

Helping people out tends to top the list of careers and a biomedical technician is one career that is vital to serving people but thankfully, you won’t see any blood, guts and gore. It’s also a great career to get into for job security. You’ll always be working on new and better machines. Two downsides are stress and being on-call on occasion. If the ventilator stops working, you need to fix it now. And as someone who has a whole family full of medical types I can tell you that no one likes being on call. Median pay is $53,300.

Check back later for more exciting careers to look into.

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