The Best of YouTube: Disney Edition

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How about a little silliness for a Friday? In the tradition of my recurring Pets blog posts on the best of animals on the internet, today I’ve done a round-up of the best Disney-related videos on YouTube. I’m not talking clips from films or music videos made with Disney soundtracks, but the best moments from the parks, song covers, and more.

I’ll start off with the first series of videos that inspired this post. Actor Darren Criss has become famous for his role as Blaine on the television show “Glee,” but his internet popularity started before that. On the ‘net he’s best known for playing Harry Potter in his college’s original production, “A Very Potter Musical.” But he’s got a few Disney-related videos on the internet as well.

Back before Criss made it big, he posted recordings of himself covering some of the most popular Disney songs from my generation: “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid,” “Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast,” “Reflection” and “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” from “Mulan,” and even an acoustic version of the theme song from 90s Disney cartoon “Duck Tales.”

What makes his covers stand out from the thousands of others on YouTube? Why, he’s totally dreamy of course, and talented. That’s not to say that there aren’t other dreamy, talented guys playing Disney music on YouTube somewhere, but Criss’ famous status makes his easy to find. You can find all of his Disney covers on his YouTube channel here.

We shift now from one talented Disney fan to an awesome star cadet in training. One of the shows featured at Disneyland’s “Star Tours” involves young volunteers being chosen from the audience to join up with the Jedi Academy. They apprentice under a Jedi Knight before facing Darth Vader.

Vader knows he can’t sway a seasoned Jedi, so he turns his attentions to the young apprentices in hopes of recruiting them to the Dark Side. According to the script of the play the kid is supposed to refuse Vader and then engage him in battle. But little Sariah Gallego had other ideas.

When Vader makes his offer to Gallego, she accepts. She then starts to kneel before her chosen Sith Master. That’s when the poor befuddled cast member playing the Jedi Knight jumps in and laughs off the change to script, saying that they need to redirect her instead to the Sith Academy.

Gallego knows who the coolest master of the force is, and she knows how to take charge of her own destiny to get to work with him. Check out the hilariously adorable video here.

My final link for the day doesn’t require much setup or description. Just bask in the fantastic efforts of a bunch of Disney fans around the web, recreating “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King” with their household pets. It’s awesome, and the perfect note on which to start the weekend.

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