The Best Time for a Multivitamin

Does it matter when you take your daily multivitamin? Yes, it does.

Experts suggest taking a daily multivitamin in the morning: it gives your body vitamins and minerals it needs to get through the day. One word of warning, though — take your multivitamin with a meal. Certain vitamins (like vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E) need fat and/or other nutrients in order to be fully broken down and absorbed.

Taking your multivitamin with a meal also reduces your chances of feeling nauseous afterwards, or experiencing heartburn. Make sure you take your multivitamin after a balanced breakfast that includes protein, good carbohydrates (like whole grains), and good fats.

You don’t have to take a multivitamin every day IF you eat a varied, balanced diet that provides all the nutrients your body needs. You may only want to take a multivitamin during busy, stressful times.

  • When you’re traveling and want an immune system boost.
  • When you’re feeling tired and overextended.
  • During the holidays, when you’re rushing around trying to get all those extra things done (without having extra hours in the day). Even the joy of the season can’t always counteract the exhaustion of the marathon days.
  • When you’ll be exposed to a lot of people and a lot of germs. A multivitamin might be a good idea for new teachers in their first year at school — I know a lot of teachers who get hit really hard by one bug after another.

I’ve got some traveling planed in the next month, and I think a multivitamin sounds like a good idea. Between the recycled air in the cabin and the sardine-can seating, I could probably use the immune system boost. I’ve also been reading good things about vitamin D supplements for folks (like me) who aren’t getting enough sunlight (Pacific Northwest winter) and can’t drink fortified milk (lactose intolerance). So if I’ll be taking a vitamin D supplement, I might as well make it a multivitamin and boost myself all around!