The Best Totes and Bags for a Scrapbooker

Daily Window BagsOne of the things I love about scrapbooking is that it has the ability to be infectious. If I am talking about it out in public, often times others will join in the conversation. It’s a great way to meet new people and spread the word about our awesome craft and hobby. Sometimes I purchase products, apparel or what have you that is totally scrapbooking related and then make sure I am wearing it or have it with me when I am out in public so I can get conversations started. Since I am both an instructor as well as owning my own scrapbooking home business, I tend to make it known I am into scrapbooking.

It was pretty exciting getting my Fed Ex package today that contained four of the awesome products from Daily Window Bags. I have been anticipating their arrival, and cannot wait to scrap something to show off in them. I can’t wait to walk around town, and get questions about the unique bags and totes that I will be using.

Now that I have these awesome products in my own two hands, I plan to order more. Oh yes, there are at least five more things on the site I really would like to have for myself, and several I am considering for gifts this year. The quality of these totes/bags is unmatched. Seriously. Made of durable materials, the stitching is strong, the totes are roomy and there are plenty of compartments and pockets. I immediately claimed this bag as my current purse and I really love it.

I simply added one of my favorite photos of my kids and I was ready to go. Of course I do plan on scrapbooking something special for the bag and it would be cool to have different things for different seasons, holidays and other occasions.

If you don’t own one of these cool totes, bags or any of the other products, you should seriously go visit Daily Window Bags and get yourself one, or two or three, or be like me – get four!

Here are my purchases right out of the box:

Daily Window Bags