The Biggest Loser—Big numbers…again

Again I watched The Biggest Loser, and again I could not believe the numbers that came out with the weigh-in.

Before I get to that though– it was an action-packed night for The Biggest Loser contestants. First, Erik got reamed by Trainer Bob (who couldn’t see THAT coming?) when he voted off his Blue Team member Marty. I can only imagine how Erik felt, given the fact that Bob’s tears even left ME misty-eyed. But like Erik said, a game is a game.

What he may not have thought out though, was that, by voting out Marty, he was now the sole member remaining on the Blue Team. This put him at substantial risk to be voted off. He knew his numbers on the scale had to be high. And Bob ensured it with rigorous workouts.

The Biggest Loser Derby was a bit hard to watch. I couldn’t help feeling for the contestants, running around the track while the announcer blasted their every move over the loudspeaker as though they were in fact horses. Wylie started off strong in the race and would have come out the winner had he not dropped one of his weights at the wrong place. As it was, Jaron came in first (no surprise there) and Adrien came in second.

At the weigh-in tensions were high. Erik scraped by elimination this week by losing a whopping 12 pounds. Heather and Adrien weren’t so lucky, and Adrien had a mini-breakdown when she saw she’d only lost 2 pounds for the week.

In the end, the teams said goodbye to Adrien last night. In the update segment, she revealed she is still working hard but that she has actually gained 5 pounds since leaving the ranch. Still, she’s lost more than 60 pounds and should feel very proud.

Weight Loss for This Week:

Jaron – 8 pounds

Heather – 5 pounds

Kai – 9 pounds

Wylie – 12 pounds

Adrien – 2 pounds

Erik – 12 pounds