The Biggest Problem with Church

Sometimes the biggest problem with church is people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like people, I do. But I’ve come across a few incidents recently where people, and I’m talking Christian people who are part of the church, have been downright rude and unfeeling towards others.

One that struck me particularly and I have see this a lot is where two or more people are engaged in a conversation and another person comes up and immediately cuts into the conversation and starts to talk as though what they have it say is more important. More often that not it is on some unrelated topic. The person who had been initially involved in the conversation immediately turns to them.
What happens is the one who had been speaking before this person interrupted can feel slighted and as if they are invisible or unimportant. What is even worse and I have see this happen in churches too, is that the people walk away together while the person who had been speaking is left hanging mid sentence thinking, ‘Excuse me? What’s wrong with me? I was talking.’

Another example is that of asking intimate and intrusive questions about people’s personal life, finances and business dealings. If a person sidesteps or ignores a question, it is usually because they feel it is intrusive, too personal and don’t feel comfortable in answering it but some people fail to take the hint. They are not happy with that. They keep pushing and pushing to get answer and without telling a lie or being rude there is no way of not answering their question.

When those outside the church see this sort of behavior is it any wonder they come back with the lines. ‘Why would I want to go to church? The church is full of hypocrites.’

That’s because they’re not seeing love in action. This Christmas and then throughout the year let’s give the gift of love and consideration to others.

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