The Bill Cosby Show: Season One

When we think of Bill Cosby most of us immediately think of “The Cosby Show” where he played Cliff Huxtable the father of five and mother to Clair Huxtable the lawyer. I can remember watching episodes of “The Cosby Show” growing up, a smash hit of TV for
eight years and now on Nick at Night, you would probably be hard pressed to find a television watcher who hadn’t caught and episode of the Cosby Show.

So what about The Bill Cosby Show?

The Bill Cosby show aired from 1969-1971 and starred Bill Cosby in the role of Chet Kincaid, a PE teacher. Cosbys profession was hardly as glamorous as his OBGYN job in The Cosby Show twenty years later and Chet didn’t have a wife and five kids, instead he was a bachlor who was trying to teach children a little bit about the world around themand make a difference with his job.

Season one of the DVD was released last week and features all of the first season of the show complete with commentary by Bill Cosby on the series and each individual episode.Season one of the show had twenty six different episodes. I have to admit I had never
seen the show, or at least don’t remember having ever seen the show until I received this DVD. The show is absolutely hilarious, and in my opinion shows the world a little more like it is than The Cosby Show ever did.

In the on screen interview special feature on the DVD Cosby talks about the show, and how he had to fight with NBC not to have a laugh track on the show. I had forgotten until watching that interview how many programs, especially during that time had a laugh
track built in to tell you when you were supposed to laugh at jokes

If you’ve never seen The Bill Cosby show I highly suggest you give the show a try. If you’re a Cosby fan I guarantee you’ll find it hilarious, with a humor that still hits home almost forty years later.

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