The Bombay Cat: The Parlor Panther

Bombay Cat The Bombay is a shorthaired breed that is closely related to the Burmese. Noted for its black, shiny coat and copper eyes, these cats are very affectionate and playful. A woman in Louisville, Kentucky named Nikki Horner developed the breed back in the 1950s. She set out to create a “miniature “black panther”(with no politics), and that’s what she got by crossing a sable Burmese with a solid black American Shorthair. The first results were disappointing, but eventually she got what she was looking for: a well-developed muscular cat with a short black coat. It took 18 years for these cats to be accepted as a breed, and finally in 1976, The Cat Fanciers’ Association recognized the Bombay for championship status.

Bombays do share many characteristics with the Burmese, although they are a little larger with longer bodies and legs and a less pronounced nose break. They are very agile cats with rounded heads and short muzzles. Eyes are set wide apart and are usually golden or copper in color. The coat is short and satiny. It has been said that when a Bombay cat is happy, the purr can be heard from as far away as 15 feet! They are ultra sensitive to loud noises and repeated exposure to such can result in a loss of fur from their stomachs and near their tails.

Bombays are smart, inquisitive quiet and very affectionate. No package is out of bounds for exploration and investigation. Behind chairs, cupboards and inside cabinets are perfect hiding places for these cats who love “to be found” and fussed over. They are lap cats and will demand attention if they feel they are being ignored. Dominant over other pets in a household, Bombays will tolerate them only if they reign supreme. They get along very well with dogs because they usually respect their territorial demands.

Do YOU own a Bombay cat? Please share your experiences.

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