The Cat’s Brain: A Scary Thing?

cat faceDid you know that a cat’s brain is more similar to a human brain than that of a dog, and that both humans and cats have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotion? If you think this means that your mackerel tabby will one day leave your very comfortable nest and go off to college, you better take one step back and look again. Still, it is quite amazing that a cat can recall events for as long as 16 hours (which is more than most people who have had more than a few drinks). Their brains (cats) are highly developed, and as humans we may never fully understand them. Some things however, are crystal clear to anyone who lives with cats.

There is definitely some type of short circuit in a cat’s brain that can change it from a purring adorable pet into an arm-shredding lunatic without notice or benefit of a change of costume. Why does that happen? Again, a mystery, but like all mysteries worth their salt, there must be an answer someplace. (Perhaps it lies wherever those ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle went or maybe even closer, like the back of my closet.) Another mental oddity among felines is their uncanny attraction (and even infatuation sometimes) with people who hate cats! I myself had this experience, and when a visitor to my home asked me to “do something with the cat”, he immediately jumped from his perch on the windowsill to sit contentedly besides this person on the sofa.

Apart from these idiosyncrasies, one must not forget to include the can-opener sonar valve and that mysterious section of the brain that controls the fear of vacuum cleaners. Added to the driving desire to go where it is forbidden to go, these traits make living with a cat like no other experience on earth.

Perhaps they feel the same way about their owners. On can only hope for the best. So don’t waste time trying to figure out how your cat’s brain works or its intelligence quotient. Whatever it is, it’s probably higher than yours and you will lose!

Happy Cat!

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