The Christmas Shopping Challenge

santa My husband isn’t the type of person who likes stuff. He has books and he has some classical music CDs, but his wants are few, and this makes shopping for him very tricky. I love him and would enjoy piling presents under the tree for him, but what do you give someone who doesn’t want anything? When asked, he’ll say things like, “I have you. What more could I want?” While that’s really terribly romantic, and he gets major husband points for that, it doesn’t help when it comes to celebrating the holidays.

If you’ve got a person like this in your life, you might consider some of the things I’ve found useful in solving this gift-giving dilemma.

1. Get them a gift certificate to a store that sells things they are interested in. True, a gift certificate isn’t the most personal thing in the world, but it will allow your hard-to-shop-for loved one the chance to get something they’d really like.

2. Consider that perhaps they really don’t want more stuff, and instead, give them an experience. Take them to a show or a concert. If they’re a really special loved one, follow that up with a nice dinner. This way, they have a beautiful memory to share with you, but not an item that’s going to gather dust on a shelf.

3. Think about a time you shared together and find them a gift that reminds you of that time. If you and your husband went to Paris on your honeymoon, find him a framed picture of Paris or a little statue of the Eiffel Tower. It’s fun to commemorate those special moments in your life.

4. To go along with this idea, you might consider making them a special scrapbook filled with pictures of things you’ve done together. Next to the pictures, write down how that event touched your heart and how grateful you are that you could share it with them.

The holidays mean different things to different people. I feel guilt when I don’t give the perfect gift, but it really doesn’t matter to my husband. Really think about that special person in your life. Could it be that you want them to celebrate in your way, when they just want to celebrate in their own way? Think of the holiday from their point of view, and maybe the perfect solution will present (ha ha, like the pun?) itself.

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