The Comfort of…

As I sit here at my desk, mind wandering away from a project to my right and onto another project on my left, I am somewhat overcome by a sense of peace. A quietness is in place. There is a comfort that is present. There is a general acceptance of and happiness with my present circumstance. I’m not talking about monetary wealth – few would consider me monetarily wealthy – I’m talking about where I sit to do my work each day. I’m talking about the tools that are around me, the placement of those tools, the general setup of the environment I work in every day. These are, it turns out, important things to have if trying to get work done. While it can also help to shake things up every once in a while, it is imperative to have a standard: a neutral.

My standard isn’t particularly orderly or clean. It is a stack of papers that to anyone else must be the work of someone who can’t get anything done. Yet I do. I’ve written many a play, blog, paper, exercise and song sitting right here. I wrote my thesis, dissertation proposal, class exercises, syllabi, and copy for some graphic design work. I’ve designed posters, banners, flyers, logos, and pamphlets sitting right here. Through it all, the space and I have survived. When I sit here there may, indeed, be difficulties – but triumph is just around the corner.

Try to have a home base. When I get antsy I get up and make a cup of tea. When I sit down and the steam is rising, slightly below eye level and to my right, it is a comforting feeling. If I need a break or encounter a block then my cup of tea will still be there, steaming, and ready for a mental moment of recess. Where do you get work done consistently? How does that place and space help you do your work?